Day 1

Arriving in Balchik, hotel accommodation. Awareness training, acquaintance with the living conditions, rules, children's center, the daily routine and program host. End of day.


Day 2

Beach - the children are introduced to the beach, with lifeguards and rules of conduct at the beach. Beach sports are held.
In the afternoon - learning swimming pool comical.
Visit to "The Palace Room Queen Mary and Botanical garden".
Evening "Let's get acquainted" disco.


Day 3

Beach - the competition "City of Sand", fun game. The winners are awarded with diplomas and prizes.
After lunch - Varna city tour with a stop at the Asparuhovo Bridge, Aquarium, Marine Park.
In the evening - " Guinness Records ",  disco.


Day 4

Beach - The Game "Bowling."
After lunch - "Treasure Hunt". Participants are divided into teams, they issued card that they must find a place where treasures are hidden. A fascinating game in the end of which children will find a lot of surprises.
In the evening - "Dance Marathon",  disco.


Day 5

Beach - a circle of "Skillful hands" - crafts made ??from natural materials, which children will gather on the beach and in the afternoon of masters from a variety of subjects. Children will find many surprises.
After lunch - "Walk on a yacht - the Pirate Party."
In the evening - "Star Night", a competition, "Mrs. and Mr. Olympia disco.


Day 6

Beach - "Body Art".
After lunch - "Neptune Day" meeting with Neptune, mermaids, pirates, contests, music and dance. On this day, it is allowed to throw into the pool everybody !!
-Evening campfire. Disco.



Departure. "Bulgaria, I'll be back"




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